Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 1 Make it Cozee: Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 1

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 1

Monday, February 13, 2012

I know it sounds crazy but I am sad the party is over and that I am all out of planning and doing late night crafts... Sigh.  It was so much fun and if you have been following the Dr. Seuss madness you are about to see it come to life! This first post will only highlight the set up and all the decorations.  Tutorials are available HERE.

So lets not waste any time.  This is the guest book table.  If you are wondering why there is a twelve on that frame, it is because it is part of a game I will share on another post.

But it didn't start here!  I had a lot of help decorating.  If I said thanks to everyone who helped, this post would be so long no one would want to read it. You know who you are so BIG THANKS!

 Anyways, we packed up Krista's car with the stuff and mine with poms.

Thankfully, the club house let us set up the day before!  Thank you two for helping me set up.  I couldn't have done it without you.  And thanks Neen for insisting that the back reject wall needed poms and fish.

During set up, I realized what an old fart I am because the gold fish were making me squirm and I couldn't even dump them in the fish bowls.  We only had one casualty and thankfully we had Jeanine to throw him out.

The following day was super busy but we got the rest of the stuff set up quickly.  I just love the poms everywhere!  And to think, I only spent $7 on all 25 poms!

Now I wish I had more pictures of the food table but I sadly don't.  It's a shame because we had some fun stuff on the table like green deviled eggs, Ham I Am pin wheels, Hop on Pop Popcorn, sprite and jello juice, and so much more!  All I can share is that cousin Krista made these amazing ice cubes with real lemons in them [so cute!] and the picture to the right is the main decor for the food table.

My cousin from Sweet Boutique Candy Buffet was kind enough to set up Cindy's candy bar.  Those ladies do amazing work and it looked so beautiful!  The night before, we covered the fireplace with the white side of the wrapping paper and the pillars are covered with teal plastic table cloths. And I have to mention I got the red striped table cloth for 9 dollars at down town LA!  Score!

This is a kids dream come true!  Candy, candy everywhere! My little sister and I made those red marshmallow pops the night before and aren't those Seuss candy kabobs just adorable?!

My favorites are the lemon heads and do you recognize the swirl pop, the box, and the topiary?  The kiddos looovvveed taking lollipops from the two topiaries!

 I never got to share this but I got these frames from the dollar store and spray painted them red.  Her 1 year pictures looked so cute and it was the perfect personal touch!

It was wonderful.  I am ready to plan another one!  But, if you are planning a party now and you are looking to make a sweet statement be sure you check out Sweet Boutique Candy Buffet!